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TVAUG Meetings

We have 4 Monthly Meetings, each with a Specific Focus.
MAC Easy
MAC Basics
Apple iClub
Apple Help

General TVAUG Meeting  Mac Easy Meeting is on the 4th Wednesday at Saddlebrook Rec Center 6:30 PM
Macintosh Easy meeting begins with a business meeting. Business is followed by a presentation of general interest. This is followed by a raffle and a social time

Macintosh Basics Meeting (MAC) is on the 3d Tuesday at Saddlebrook Rec Center 12:30 PM
MAC Basics session is presented during the first part of the meeting. The rest of the meeting is devoted to Questions and Answers on Mac skills and on switching from PC to Mac

Apple iClub (iPhone, iPod & iPod Touch) is on the 2nd Monday at Saddlebrook Rec Center 6:30 PM
The Apple iClub programs are devoted to skills in using the iPad and the iPhone.

Apple Help  is on the 4th Monday at Saddlebrook Rec Center 6:30 PM
The Help Center is hands on help with any Apple device. Members can drop by  any time between 6:30 PM and 8:00 PM.

Saddlebrook Recreation Center